Play and learn with the small, sassy, clever bee and her best friends! Different topics – numbers, colors, music, skill and memory – are learnt playfully with lots of fun and humor!

It’s Maya the Bee’s birthday and you’re invited to help her prepare the party. Decorations, food, guests – everything that a great party needs can be played for in 6 categories that are both fun and valuable for child development. Bit by bit, Maya’s interactive party fills up with paper lanterns, dancing guests, a lavish buffet and much more.

There’s lots to discover: Maya’s friends and many of the objects react to what the child does with heartwarming animations, thus ensuring long-lasting fun.
Many new elements are unlocked as rewards for successfully completing tasks, and then the journey of discovery can begin!

The App includes 6 mini games:

· Make music with Maya, Flip and Ben
· Help Willy correctly serve the food
· Play hide-and-seek with Lara
· Read Flip’s thoughts
· Find the matching pairs in Ben’s game of memory
· Draw new party decorations

· Self-determined playing, pure fun
· Playful sounds and heartwarming animations
· Charming characters & original graphics
· Child-friendly use
· Child-appropriate content

Bee cool - Bee Happy - Just Bee



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